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Start location: Dam Square

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Welcome to the Audio Tour of the Red Light District in Amsterdam!

Known locally as ‘De Wallen’, the Red Light District is Amsterdam’s oldest neighborhood. Filled with a rich history, diverse culture, and bustling nightlife, this area can not be missed on your tour!

Join our audiotour and listen to the stories about the infamous district in your time and at your own pace.

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The Red Light District tour is one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Amsterdam, I admit that as an Amsterdammer you take for granted how liberal it is. Meeting lots of travelers, I understand it is not as common for everyone and I love to tell people the surprising story of how the district came about.

Join the Free Red Light District Audiotour and we will take you for a peek behind the windows!


As an Amsterdammer, I have seen the Wallen in many shapes and forms over the years. Back in the day, it was a no-go area for locals and tourists alike. There were a lot of addicts and drug dealers and pickpocketing was a daily occurrence. Today, it is one of our liveliest neighborhoods of the city and full of stories, great eateries and more…

Soak up the charm of a currently very accessible Red Light District and enjoy the audio tour.


Proud of my city and the freedom we have, I feel the Red Light District is the place where you can truly feel the free spirit of the Amsterdammer. From when the sailors arrived in the 17th Century until the ban on guided tours in the area in 2020, there is more to discover than touches the surface.

Plug into our audio tour to find out why this area is so special and be a part of our liberal Amsterdam!

During this 2 hour tour, we cover

Hidden Church

Reveal the most holy spot in an unorthodox place and how the sailors came clean before going back to their ships.

Sex Toys

Find out where to find an insertable alarm clock, how to replicate your privates & a 101 guide to buying condoms.

Sex Shows

From seedy peepshows to 5D theatre experiences, the Red Light District caters to both the wealthy watchers and those down to their last coin.

Red Light History

Learn when the ladies of the area started practicing the oldest profession in the world and how it became legal.

A Place For All Sinners

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is full of controversy and curiosity. Even though prostitution has been legal in the Netherlands since 1809, the ban on brothels wasn’t lifted before 2000, with De Wallen itself housing 292 brothels! Sex work is, arguably, the oldest profession in the world, so how did the ladies solicit before the legalization? How does the area survive in today’s tourist craze and what does the future hold?  Let’s break it down:

Hear about the first reports of local ladies soliciting around the neighborhood and how long it took before these practices were legalized.

Take a peek behind the curtains and find out how to rent a display window, what you need to become a sex worker for the day and what protection is offered to the girls, surrounding residents and the visitor.

Learn about Project 1012, launched in 2007 to tidy and control the Red Light District. Dabble between the divided opinions of advocates of a stricter regime and those who believe that shutting down the area will only stimulate underground practices.

Our audio tour is narrated by actual guides, who know their way around the area and its rich history. Let us tell you why we both condemn and celebrate the Dutch liberal attitude and what makes the Red Light District both a curse and a blessing.

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“What customers say ”

Make sure you do this tour as soon as you arrive in Amsterdam. It gives you a great history lesson and view of the Red Light District. The guide was knowledgeable, funny, friendly, and helpful. One of the better walking tours we’ve been on.

We did not know anything about the Red Light District, that is why it is so great to have the story shared by a local!

Irene Andirsom

Fun and informative! We went on a Free Red District tour on Saturday, our tour was great! A lot of knowledge about and the history of the Red Light District, we were told about every detail of this area.

Such a great way to get a deeper understanding of the Red Light district and it was funny too! 🙂 Thanks!

Pablo Avish

We were visiting Amsterdam for the first time and saw the city by bike boat and walking. Our Free Red Light District tour was both informative and entertaining, taking us to places that we would not have found on our own.

It is of course always good to get a Dutch perspective of things when in Holland. The tour was paid for by donation, which is great!

Hui Huang

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